1. my first dance classes were jazz dance classes. a year and a half ago @TheWoodsCooperative


  2. i used to have a thing against disclaimers

    i use to have a thing against disclaimers. i guess i don’t anymore.


    if you don’t like self-indulgent “me me me” posts you might want to steer clear of this / my internet presence for a while. after a long period of reclusiveness and cynicism, i am once again interested in being a bit more generative, imaginative, and maybe even social. it actually feels, at this point, like a betrayal to my values to post anything on the internet that isn’t critical, but hell, it’s getting warm out, so like everyone else, i’m just going to throw any semblance of responsibility and personal integrity out the open window. anyhow this preface is just a way of stating that i am going to engage in some creative writing exercise, since i feel like there’s probably a lot of mustard-crust ideas i need to get out before i can write things that i’m not dreadfully ashamed of. plus maybe this will be cool when i’m wildly respected and rich, so rich, so terribly, terribly rich.

    round one

    okay so round one i guess it looks like is more or less a continuation of the disclaimer. i confess that this is surprisingly more dissapointing than i imagined. i mean, come on, me, what is your goddamn problem? i think i need to try again.

    round two: bad on purpose

    Oh! Dreadful scenery of the oblique!

    How your scorn does ravage the inner workings of my soul!

    Can it be that the desire for a simple statement

    grows stronger than the longing, the yearning for what is new?

    Has curiosity truly failed me?

    My long walk home is my new favorite shirt to wear.

    round three: 

    hot johnny,

    you wiley thing

    why are you so interested in that patch of hair?

    it’s fine, no one thinks it looks bad

    we get it, of course,

    but you know you really can just let go

    big baby slam-jam

    creature of delicacy and antiques

    you name yourself and go swimming alone

    it’s not dangerous or anything and it’s been done before

    or at least everybody’s thought about it at one point or another

    okay well that was fun, see you soon for the next installement of me trying to not be such a tyrant of despair, and fumbling without skill to write some stuff that might someday turn into a song for my multi-million dollar record deal. 

    thanks bye!

  3. battlecry
    the master and the masterpiece
    real ultimate power
    great things happen in front of the lens
    i don't know what's going on here but i love it so hard
    total chaos / kyli and neva sitting in a tree
    crouching kyli hidden swants



  4. Properties of Triangles #1

    Triangles are Beacons of Truth & Understanding


  5. triangle help

    hey, wanna help me out with these triangles?


  6. coffee is a thing i like and a thing you might like as well

    this is a copy of an e-mail to my friend Kat who asked for recipes after one of my excited blab-sessions about ‘being creative’ with coffee. this was initially daunting since i am not a person who writes things down, but then i remembered you can just present ideas as facts, and sometimes people are into it. i think that’s what ‘being creative’ means, which in quotes here because it is a really silly phrase and i can’t take it seriously even if it’s exactly what i mean. also i did add some things in brackets [which were not a part of the e-mail] OK HERE IT IS BYE:
    lavender - i always get it fresh from the farmer’s market. the[y] sell it with the intention of using it for tea and baking. i only do pour-over, initially because i can’t afford a machine or french press etc… but then i grew to like it [because i am a fancy jerk]. so anyhow i just mix the lavender in as is with the grounds so it brews on top. how much you use depends very heavily on how fresh the lavender is and how strong you want the flavor. in my experience there’s no such thing as too much. personally i don’t like a lot of sweetener or milk with lavender because it tends to subdue the flavor [but if you relate strongly to Dolores Umbridge you might add too much cream and sugar and love it].
    cardamon - i always like the way it tastes, pretty much no matter how i make it, but i have used too much before [which wasn’t awful but it did taste a little like soap]. again, it’s best to get fresh seed-pods. there’s a spice set-up that happens in the chelsea market [and i’ve also seen it at the holiday market in union square]. I don’t know what it’s called or when it happens but they are VERY into their spices, and i think that’s the real key [always find the nerds, for they are the keepers of secrets]. anyhow i like to open the pods and gently toast the seeds in a skillet, then grind them with a pepper or spice grinder OR to just put them in with the coffee beans and grind together, although this can be tricky since they are different sizes and densities [and also it’s an obnoxious amount of work]. with the cardamon i like to use a bit o’ maple syrup and almond milk. i have a hunch that if you toasted the cardamon seeds, ground them, and then simmered them together with the almond milk and maple syrup before adding it you might cure cancer or something but i’ve never done it.
    black pepper - black coffee, both really strong. OR a lighter brew and smaller amount of pepper with a little bit of lemon squeezed in there. again, freshness with the spices is everything, and have a really solid grinder that can get things very fine is key. and then it’s just a matter of mixing it in with your coffee grinds before you brew [black pepper is equally splendid in sweet and savory coffees, and i haven’t found anything ever in all my life that it doesn’t go well with. not even ice cream whoa].
    i put cheap curry powder in my coffee when i was at boatel once, and it was actually pretty good, but i think there’s room for improvement [potential].
    This is now a blog post and i’m putting it on my blog. THANK YOU KAT!
  7. And so on this 27th day of November in the year 2013 did Steve and Kyli fulfill their yarn-on-a-shelf dream, and the era of yarn-in-cardboard-boxes had finally come to a close.

  8. So I know I post these all the time, but seriously Brownie and Katie AKA the Shanti Shack are gastro-magicians with incredible power, and y’all need to get in on it! (at The Shanti Shack)

  9. amyelizabethpoetry:

    painting by noted selfie artist Vincent van Gogh

    (via altcrit)

  10. PROUD TO BE A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED #SWANTS http://westknits.com/index.php/2013/11/swants-tutorial/